San Francisco, CA
June 11-12, 2018

Michael Gold

Vice President Analytics & Technology
Midwest Health Collaborative

Michael Gold is the vice president of analytics & technology at the Midwest Health Collaborative, a consortia of six health systems, providers and clinically integrated organizations that include Altmann, Cleveland Clinic, OhioHealth, Premier Health, ProMedica and TriHealth. In this role, Michael is responsible for translating the organizational priorities of MHC and its member systems into technology imperatives.

Prior to joining MHC, he spent three years at ICC, a technology consulting company that acquired his advanced analytics startup Farsite Group. As the co-founder of Farsite Group, Michael led engagements with Fortune 500 companies to guide store and customer growth strategies with advanced analytics.

Michael has contributed content and perspective on analytics and technology via media and trade groups including Bloomberg West, The Wall Street Journal, The Data Warehouse Institute, and the International Council of Shopping Centers.

June 11, 2018
3:00pm - 3:30pm
Grand Ballroom

Healthcare security professionals confront this question regularly: How do we safeguard data but also distribute it as widely and responsibly as possible? These two competing interests can sometimes create tension. At the Midwest Health Collaborative, a consortia of six health systems, including the Cleveland Clinic, the answer lies in a team of user-experience designers who consider workflow demands first when deploying technology and designing policies.

In this session, Michael Gold, the collaborative’s vice president of analytics and technology, describes how his team has improved adherence and HIPAA compliance by thinking user-first when implementing policies and procedures.  He’ll also share best practices that other healthcare organizations can put into practice to improve their own compliance.

As Michael will explain, and most attendees will agree, many breaches occur around human error. If improving the user experience decreases the chance of a breach, that’s a big win.

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