San Francisco, CA
June 11-12, 2018

Managing Risk and Measuring ROI with Evidence-Base Security

June 12, 2018
11:15am - 11:35pm
Grand Ballroom

Clinicians use evidenced-based medicine to make the best decisions about patient care, and, more and more, security professionals are deploying a similar approach to mitigating risk. It’s called data-driven security.

Data-driven security is critical to your success. Just as in medicine where data can triage what patients need treated first, data can drive what actions to take first in your security program. Additionally, data identifies what security measures are most effective, as well as those that fall short, don’t provide sufficient ROI, and should be discontinued. In short, data-driven security show’s what’s working, what’s not, and helps guide resource allocation.

In this session, security expert and educator Toby Gouker, PhD, explains that when it comes to security, as in other fields, what you cannot measure, you cannot manage.  He’ll explain and provide examples of how a data-driven approach to security can strengthen your security posture, gain funding for your program and, importantly, garner long lasting C-suite support.


Toby Gouker

Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer
First Health Advisory Solutions

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