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#HITsecurity Twitter Chat: Today's Healthcare Cybersecurity Landscape

The goal in security (and safety) is to stay ahead of threats with situational awareness and, ideally, actionable intelligence about threats being made. One way to stay ahead is by fostering an open dialogue among industry organizations, peers and professionals. This information sharing can aid in identifying the types of incidents that have occurred within an organization or catching early warning signs. The Healthcare Security Forum and this Twitter chat aim to uncover opportunities to increase knowledge and strengthen the culture around healthcare cybersecurity. Find the details of this #HITsecurity Twitter chat below, including each topic area we will touch upon during the discussion.

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Date: Aug. 24

Time: 2:00 – 3:00 pm CST

Host: Healthcare IT News | @HealthITNews

Moderator: Jessica F. Davis, Associate Editor, Healthcare IT News | @jessiefdavis


Matthew Fisher, Healthcare Compliance and Corporate Partner, Mirick O’ Connell | @Matt_R_Fisher 

Lee Kim, JD, CISSP, CIPP, Director, Privacy & Security, HIMSS North America | @lkimcissp

Hashtag: #HITsecurity

Twitter Chatroom:    

During the chat, join us and industry experts to discuss the following healthcare security topics:

  • T1: In the case of an international cyberattack, what tips do you have in being vigilant? #HITsecurity
  • T2: How do you increase cybersecurity awareness among non-IT staff in your organization? #HITsecurity
  • T3: How are you building a culture of holistic security within your organization? #HITsecurity
  • T4: With a cybersecurity talent shortage, what are your suggestions for recruiting and retaining qualified personnel? #HITsecurity

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