Healthcare Security Forum: A HIMSS Event

December 7-8, 2020 | Boston, MA

Robert Zimmerman

Founder and President
Health Tech Access Alliance

Robert started his career 30 years ago with Andersen Consulting as an information technology consultant. As a Deloitte Partner, he served as regional project risk services and IT audit leader as well as a regional and national diversity leader. As an entrepreneur and business leader his current focus is on developing innovative and efficient security and privacy solutions for the healthcare industry. To that end, Robert has been one of the drivers in the creation of QI Express and the development and launch of smart tech solutions that help organizations achieve ongoing HIPAA compliance, provides continuous security protection, and preserve patient confidence.

Robert is also one of the founders and President of the HTA Foundation that provides cyber security and IT governance solutions to small and medium healthcare organizations who may not have the technical expertise or financial resources to implement required risk management systems. HTA goal is to simplfy and make affordable, technology that drives better health care outcomes.

A co-founder of the Maryland Health Tech Coalition and the Central Maryland Health Tech Innovators, Robert frequently speaks on healthcare data security, and remains active on a range of topics from business to personal motivation. He is also developer and lead instructor for a Health IT Fundamentals course to train women and minorities for successful careers in Health IT. Robert currently teaches at Howard Community College as well as provides seminars at educational institutions across the country.

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