Healthcare Security Forum: A HIMSS Event

December 7-8, 2020 | Boston, MA

Build a Culture of Compliance with Persistent Network Security

December 10, 2019
10:15am - 10:30am
Essex Ballroom

Healthcare organizations are trusted by their patients to be custodians for massive amounts of highly confidential data: health records, payment details and other identifiable information. The unfortunate drumbeat of headlines serves as a stark reminder that this data is highly valued on the black market, making healthcare one of the most targeted industries by hackers and other cyber-criminals. 

With this level of risk, many healthcare leaders struggle to align budget to address this risk, instead focusing on digital transformation initiatives that modernize the network environment. With a goal to automate processes and apply cutting edge technology and access throughout the facility, compliance-driven security is often an after-thought.

This session will introduce the concept of persistent network security and what it looks like and discuss the considerations necessary to build a culture of compliance marked by an approach to automation designed to mitigate risk.


Director of Field Engineering

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