Healthcare Security Forum: A HIMSS Event

December 7-8, 2020 | Boston, MA

Breakout Group Discussions

Taking on the healthcare industry’s ever-evolving security challenges means you’re always on the lookout for ways to stay one step ahead of cyber threats. During our breakout group discussions hear field-tested solutions and brainstorm new ideas during breakout discussions about ever-evolving, always-important blocking and tackling tactics:

  • Enterprise Risk Management & Information Sharing:
    A solid approach to enterprise security risk management (ESRM) signals a mature healthcare security program. It evaluates all security risks confronting an organization, prioritizes and addresses these risks proactively. This enables the organization to optimize its ability to provide safe, efficient, and effective patient care while protecting the assets required to do so. Read more >>
  • Incident Response & Recovery:
    One of the most basic and important functions in cybersecurity is the incident response (IR) process: standardized procedures to respond to cyberattacks. It may be as simple as a phishing attack against users or a highly sophisticated extortion that shuts down digital operations. In both cases, from minimal to significant impact, an organized IR is critical to managing the threat. Read more >>
  • Vulnerability Management:
    In this session, two experienced healthcare CISOs discuss their challenges and approaches to vulnerability management: What’s worked and is working; what hasn’t; and how to manage vulnerabilities in a way that doesn’t disrupt an organization’s business goals. Read more >>
  • Endpoint Protection:
    In this session, speakers and attendees will discuss cybersecurity hygiene practices essential to securing healthcare’s expanding endpoint perimeter. Read more >>
  • Identity and Access Management:
    In this session, our speakers lead a discussion focused on the critical elements of an IAM program required to manage threats to healthcare organizations. Specifically, these include ransomware attacks; insider, accidental or intentional data loss; attacks against connected medical devices that can affect patient safety. Read more >>
  • Security Technology Trends:
    In this session, speakers engage with attendees to discuss what technology investments have paid the biggest dividends for them and what technologies they think will have the biggest positive impact on securing healthcare’s future. Read more >>
  • Data Protection & Loss Prevention:
    In this session, speakers outline the key components of an effective DLP program and how to get started or take you program to the next level. Read more >>
  • Email Protection & Awareness Training:
    In this session, speakers discuss what they consider the best approaches to email protection. As with all our breakout sessions, this is designed to be interactive. Join in and share what has and hasn’t worked for you. Read more >>
  • Network and Application Security:
    In this session, our speakers discuss the state of network and application security and share best practices – what’s worked for them – to mitigate risks to both. Read more >>

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