Boston, 2018 x2, MA
Oct. 15-16, 2018

James Doulgeris

Osler Health

James Doulgeris is co-founder and CEO Osler Health, a New Jersey-based physician association and accountable care organization (ACO) with 125 primary care physicians in 27 practices at 63 different locations.

Jim has more than 30 years of executive healthcare management experience, primarily as president, CEO and director of for-profit, non-profit, public and private companies in the hospital, ancillary care, medical device, and healthcare services sectors.

He also has led two healthcare start-ups from concept to funding to profitability. The first, National Comtel Systems, a hospital contract manager that grew to the be the 15th largest hospital contact manager of any kind, was sold to Primark Corporation, a Fortune 500 NYSE public company. The second, MinSurg International, is a medical device company that invented and holds patents for one of the first “intermediate” minimally invasive spine fusion surgeries, among other groundbreaking spine and small joint resurfacing devices. Jim retired as its co-founder, president and CEO in 2008.

Additionally, he previously worked in high-level crisis and turnaround management for 14 years in a variety of industries with an emphasis on hospitals and related healthcare providers.

October 16, 2018
2:00pm - 2:30pm
America Ballroom

In the HIMSS Code Red podcasts, HIMSS’ Rod Piechowski interviews healthcare leaders on current issues in healthcare security. In this “live” version of the podcast, Rod interviews James Doulgeris, CEO of Osler Health, an accountable care organization with 125 primary care physicians in 27 practices at 63 locations.

The topic of conversation: How to talk security to the c-suite and other senior, non-technical leaders.

Security touches almost every piece of a healthcare organization, and Rod and James will cover such important topics as:

  • How to talk to leadership in language they understand. What works? What doesn’t?
  • What information does leadership need to make informed investments in security?
  • What can leadership do to create a culture of security?
  • What skills does the c-suite and board value most a CISO?

Rod and James will cover these topics and more, and leave plenty of time for audience questions


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