Boston, MA
Oct. 15-16, 2018

Heather Roszkowski

Network Chief Information Security Officer
The University of Vermont Health Network

Dr. Heather Roszkowski competed her Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Information Systems and Business Management and a Master of Science in Computer Information Security from Norwich University. She went on to complete her Doctor of Science in Cybersecurity at Capitol Technology University in Laurel, Maryland.

Currently Dr. Roszkowski currently serves as the Network Chief Information Security Officer of The University of Vermont Health Network, a six-hospital system serving the residents of Vermont and northern New York.  Prior to joining The University of Vermont Health Network, she served on active duty with the US Army - bringing 11 years of experience in computer information security and combat experience with her.

Dr. Roszkowski is currently a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). 

October 15, 2018
9:50am - 10:30am
America Ballroom

If you think of healthcare security as a three-act play, we are now well into the second act, and orgs that have not kept up (and there are many), face more danger than they likely imagine.

Key second act themes:

  • Healthcare orgs shift resources from prevention to incident response. It’s not if, but when you’ll be breached. To safeguard patient safety and business continuity, organizations must respond and recover quickly.
  • Information sharing has grown in importance.
  • Security leaders recognize the need to optimize existing technology rather than buy the next shiny object.
  • Automation and manage services help offset a shrinking talent pool.
  • Awareness training sits center stage.

The list goes on.

In this session, our expert speakers will discuss these and other key features of healthcare security’s second act. Importantly, they’ll provide guidance to help organizations stuck in the first act move to the second act and create a more resilient security posture.

As for the third act, they’ll have some thoughts on that, too.

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