Boston, 2018 x2, MA
Oct. 15-16, 2018

Doug Close

Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity
Sayers Technology

Doug Close is currently the SVP of Cybersecurity at Sayers Technology, LLC based out of Sayers’ Chicago Headquarters in Vernon Hills, IL. Doug has been leading and growing the security practice at Sayers for over 16 years and is responsible for cybersecurity engineering, support, professional services and partnerships. Previously, Doug managed the global move, add and change network services group at Comdisco.

October 16, 2018
9:15am - 10:00am
America Ballroom

Your organization has just been hit with a large-scale breach. As security leader what do you do first?

This CISO panel session will discuss prioritization and the sequence of activities that you should follow when dealing with a major breach including executive and other internal communication, external breach notification including affected individuals, OCR, and state regulatory bodies. With a 72-hour breach notification window fast becoming the norm, you don’t have long to think about things making sure that it’s done right!

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