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Information security is a social responsibility: What CISOs and infosec pros can do now

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated at the same time the cybersecurity talent pool is shrinking. That matters more than ever. Simply put, health data impacts people's lives.

And even as hospitals are investing large amounts of money and effort taking on that monumental challenge, too many of them working in isolation. And I don't see the rogue's gallery of criminals, hackers, hacktivists, nefarious nation states and previously unforeseen types of attackers getting smaller anytime soon.

All of which means that chief information security officers in healthcare and elsewhere have a new level of responsibility to transition infosec into something people see as a healthy habit, essential as diet and exercise. 

Cybersecurity? It's personal

When I spoke with Anahi Santiago, CISO of Delaware-based Christiana Care Health System, at the HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum 2018 in San Francisco, she cut right to the chase.

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