October 15-16, 2018 | Boston, 2018 x2, MA

HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum to focus on business continuity, breach response

Former White House CIO and CBS star Theresa Payton will keynote the two-day event, focused on the threat landscape, boardroom involvement and the tools to shore up vulnerabilities.

Despite constant warnings and routine breach reports, the healthcare sector continues to struggle with some of the security basics: patch management, funding, network segmentation and the like. Combined with continue security staffing shortages, cybersecurity issues will continue into the indefinite future.

While some organizations have made progress, the industry still has a lot of work to do. These challenges, combined with the current threat landscape will be highlighted at the next HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum in Boston from Oct. 15-16.

The keynote speaker, former White House CIO and CBS star Theresa Payton, will dive into cybersecurity from the dark web criminals to the threat landscape. She’ll also outline ways organizations can prepare both their staff and network to prevent becoming another cybersecurity victim.

Industry leaders will also share insights about how both the threat landscape and processes have changed, while showcasing the areas where healthcare has improved -- including increased resources and better technology. There will also be actionable advice on how to improve cybersecurity within an organization.

UC California researchers Christian Dameff, MD and Jeff Tully, MD, for instance, will provide real-life simulation of the real patient risk posed by medical device hacks. There will even be a time for questions, so that organizations can both better understand the risk -- and begin to shore up the threat.

The audience will also hear from two healthcare CISOs on the challenges to managing third-party risk, while interacting with the audience to engage with how best to oversee, monitor and manage this major vulnerability.

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