Boston, MA
Sheraton Boston Hotel
Sep. 11-13, 2017

Steven Gravely

Troutman Sanders

Steve Gravely focuses his practice in the areas of health law, information privacy and cybersecurity and emergency preparedness and response issues for critical infrastructure industries. He has represented healthcare organizations for over 20 years in a full spectrum of healthcare legal issues. Steve is certified by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) as a Certified Information Privacy Professional in the United States (CIPP/US

September 11, 2017
2:40pm - 3:10pm
Constitution B

Healthcare cybersecurity leads are on the front lines of a raging inferno which threatens to consume their organizations.  They must constantly deal with new threats in the complex healthcare environment, often with insufficient resources and leadership that does not appreciate the true extent of the threat.  Effectively communicating with the “C-suite” is an essential skill for today’s cybersecurity professionals.  You must be able to clearly explain the cyber-threat, what is at stake, and advocate for the resources needed to prepare the organization for the imminent threat of a cyber-attack. 

How do you cut through the noise that healthcare executives must deal with every day? How do you effectively communicate with your general counsel?  This session will provide you with data and practical tips to improve your effectiveness.  

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