Boston, MA
Sheraton Boston Hotel
Sep. 11-13, 2017

Eric Williams

Chief Medical Information Officer
Texas Children's Hospital

As chief medical information officer, Eric Williams, MD, is focused on improving the quality of health information technology to optimize clinical outcomes across the entire Texas Children’s System.  He is a vocal advocate for digital transformation, recognizing that success is a partnership of hardware, software, people and process.  In addition, he is a proponent of viewing infrastructure, applications, information security and customer service not as individual siloes within IT, but rather, as a team that delivers useful digital products to the bedside.

September 12, 2017
2:05pm - 2:35pm
Constitution B

Mobile devices allow employees to access information resources wherever they are, whenever they need. The small form factor, constant internet access, and powerful mobile applications are already improving workforce productivity. Yet mobile devices may be lost or stolen. And compromised mobile device may allow remote access to sensitive on premise data, or any other data that the user has entrusted to the device.

The question is this: How do you implement a security policy that secures mobile devices and doesn’t slow clinician efficiency? In this session, we’ll hear how Texas Children’s Hospital, one of the best pediatric facilities in the world has done just that.

Key discussion points:

  • Clinical Innovation with Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Cybersecurity Implications.
  • Technical/architectural safeguard and approach.
  • Clinician education and adoption.

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