Boston, 2018 x2, MA
Dec. 5-7, 2016
December 5-7, 2016 | Boston, 2018 x2, MA

Managing User-Level Compromises in Healthcare Networks

December 7, 2016
11:40am - 12:15pm
Grand Ballroom

Organizations are under constant attack and occasionally their computer systems are compromised by an adversary. For example, phishing and drive-by downloads attacks can be used to gain access into a network that is otherwise fortified. Healthcare networks following best practices, such as least-user privilege, can limit these attacks to a single user-level account and prevent a system-wide or kernel-level compromise. However, even these user-level compromises can be challenging to mitigate.

This talk will discuss ways to improve computer network security by making it easier to understand an enterprise network's traffic and detect activity that may be due to malware or a network intrusion. This session will describe ways to enhance networks with techniques from the software-defined networking field to get deeper insight and to distinguish user traffic from attacks.


Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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