Boston, 2018 x2, MA
Dec. 5-7, 2016
December 5-7, 2016 | Boston, 2018 x2, MA

Security Blueprint: Managing Resources and Prioritizing Risks

December 5, 2016
2:00pm - 2:30pm
Grand D

Sanjeev Sah joined Texas Children’s Hospital in 2015 as the organization’s first chief information security officer. Prior to his arrival, the IT team oversaw privacy & security for the 629-bed facility, which is considered one of the best pediatric hospitals in the nation.

Sanjeev spent his first 100 days on the job assessing the facility’s risk, hiring a team, and creating a three-year strategic plan for implementing a comprehensive cyber security program, which the hospital’s board approved.

In this session, attendees will learn how to create a strategic plan for a robust cyber security programs. As Sanjeev will explain, this requires that you consider your organization’s existing security and compliance posture, evaluate the current threat landscape, and then implement initiatives to address a prioritized list of organizational risks.

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