Stephanie Musso-Mantione

Chief Information Privacy and Security Officer
Stony Brook Medicine

Stephanie Musso-Mantione is Stony Brook Medicine's chief information privacy and security officer and an adjunct instructor in Stony Brook University School of Health Technology Management. Stony Brook Medicine includes Stony Brook University Hospital, five Health Sciences schools — Dental Medicine, Health Technology and Management, Medicine, Nursing and Social Welfare — as well as the major centers and institutes, programs and more than 50 community-based healthcare settings throughout Suffolk County.

Stephanie is an active member of the American Health Information Management Association, Health Care Compliance Association, International Association of Privacy Professionals and Greater New York Hospital Association Privacy & Security Workgroup and HIT Workgroup.

Stephanie brings extensive and diverse clinical expertise to her role, including but not limited to oncology clinical nurse specialist, quality assurance, research and mammography services coordinator for the department of radiology, nurse manager of the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center and nurse manager of the General Clinical Research Center. 

Stephanie has served as a member of Stony Brook University’s Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (IRB) from 2000 – 2013 and continues to provide research compliance and confidentiality guidance to those engaged in human subject research activities at Stony Brook University.   

She is also a volunteer for “Casting for Recovery,” a non-profit organization that offers free supportive and educational weekend retreats for women with breast cancer with a unique twist - FlyFishing.  She served as the coordinator for the Long Island program from 2000-2013 and still serves as the nurse facilitator and retreat coordinator.

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