Stop the Bleeding: It's Time to Get Serious About Privacy & Security

September 9, 2015
9:00am - 9:45am
General Session

When it comes to privacy and security, healthcare must do a few things differently. One of them being: start taking it seriously. Whether it’s insider abuse, loss of unencrypted devices, employee negligence – or implementing controls common in other industries ­– healthcare is behind the security curve, according to a recent report.

In his keynote presentation, Edward Marx, CIO of Texas Health Resources and the 2013 John E. Gall Jr. CIO of the Year, discusses the state of healthcare security and what must be done to dramatically improve it.  At Texas Health Resources, which operates 25 hospitals and 34 outpatient facilities in Texas, the keys to security excellence are, among other things:

  • Making sure the chief security and compliance officers have the authority required to do their jobs
  • Elevating the CISO role so that it gets the appropriate recognition at the organization’s highest levels
  • Forming a security governance council that includes senior business and clinical leaders
  • Building a strong, resilient security program that prioritizes risk and plans proactively for breaches.

In his presentation, Marx will address these key features of a high-functioning security culture. He’ll also discusses where healthcare falls short when it comes to privacy and security, where it needs to go (and how it will get there), as well how critically important it is for the CIO to lead the charge. 


Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Texas Health Resources

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