Rapid Fire Security: Evolution to Revolution

September 9, 2015
9:45am - 10:00am
General Session

Often times in the cyber-security industry (and the IT industry as a whole), we have experienced a world where vendors sought to lock healthcare organizations into only choosing what they had to sell to solve problems. As a result, many companies are currently applying security models that follow legacy policies or ad-hoc solutions. Recently, however, a new “standards-based world” has begun to accelerate, providing an amazing window in which to enact positive changes to those older models ­– literally creating an "Evolution to Revolution" scenario in the industry. 

A series of new security standards (ISO/ITU) allow security professionals to talk a common language. By applying a common standard, security vendors can create products and services that better meet the challenging security demands of technology further diffused from the central control of the local area network.

This presentation will help attendees understand why this Revolution is necessary, and provide some valuable takeaways that will enable you to participate in directing your organization's secure future.


Worldwide Technical Strategist, Office of the CTO

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