The New Security Reality: Assume the Breach and Reduce Your Risk

September 9, 2015
3:30pm - 4:15pm
General Session

Traditional security approaches are failing. The exploitation of cyber security vulnerabilities is on the rise, and these crooks are highly motivated, organized, evolving, and often well funded. This gives them an advantage over current cyber security controls and strategies. Saddled with tight budgets and talent challenges, what can healthcare organizations do in a winless war?

Dr. Cris Ewell proposes that organizations assume that they can no longer fully protect their networks and information assets from persistent and dedicated bad actors. This concept, the Assumption of Breach (AOB), allows organizations to identify which data is worth protecting and which is not. With this more realistic approach, organizations can be more flexible in protecting high-value assets and reduce overall risk.

Join Dr. Ewell for practical first steps and suggestions for embracing and leading your organization through this new security paradigm.

  • Define the required elements of an AOB practice
  • Review risk models and current research in the area of information security risks
  • Understand the categories of threats and attack vectors used by our adversaries
  • Understand the potential targets of the adversaries, including intellectual property, key services or products, applications, business partners, key people and data.


Chief Information Security Officer
Seattle Children’s Hospital

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