Keeping Your Edge: Managing Social Media While Protecting Privacy and Security

September 9, 2015
12:30pm - 1:00pm
General Session

Healthcare security officers  are often most comfortable with data privacy and security with respect to people and systems that are under their control. The hard cases are the edge cases. For example: the physician who dabbles in tech and inadvertently creates a data breach, and -- even more widespread -- the staff member who is active in social media, either officially on behalf of the organization, or unofficially on personal accounts, who shares information inappropriately or who inadvertently exposes the organization’s network to malware.

In this session, we will frame the issues and discuss practical solutions to privacy and security concerns regarding the use of social media in health care, including:

  • Developing internal and external facing policies on health care social media
  • Balancing HIPAA rules, NLRB rules, and more
  • Creating a culture of compliance that extends to social media


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