The BYOD Tightrope: Balance User Demands and Your Organization's Risk Tolerance

September 8, 2015
General Session

With four out of every five physicians using smartphones and/or tablets, it's safe to say that BYOD is here to stay. But what must healthcare organizations do to make sure this doesn't lead to security breaches? How can they protect every device while ensuring that staff workflows aren't compromised? How much risk is too much? This session addresses those questions head on.

A leading industry expert sets the stage, giving an overview of how healthcare organizations are managing the proliferation of personal mobile devices. You’ll hear the pros and cons of adopting a BYOD policy, as well as the technologies and strategies that can be used to manage BYOD risk.

Then IT security leaders from Kaiser Permanente and Providence Health & Services explain their BYOD policies and procedures. They'll also address other key issues, such as:

  • When it comes to mobile devices, what do you consider the top three security threats?
  • How do you communicate your BYOD policies and procedures to clinicians and other staff?
  • Do you allow secure texting? If so, how is it handled?
  • Do you allow PHI to reside on mobile devices or do users access information through a gateway?
  • How are images protected when transferred from one device or site to another?


Executive Director, Technology Risk Management
Kaiser Permanente
Chief Information Security Officer
Providence Health & Services
Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist
Wave Systems

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